Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My project for the evening.

I have, of course, tons of travel guides and maps for Chicago. I peruse them before my research trips in the hopes that I won't look like a (total) tourist while I'm there. But I also use them to keep track of locations. Merit (and, soon, Lily) hop around Chitown quite a bit, so it's handy to keep a running list of their travels.

But, my giant city map is looking a little worse for wear thanks to (1) too much bleed-through highlighting) and (2) the chewed-up bits on corners that have been attacked by Dog.

Solution! Jordan Ferney is about to head to Brazil, and she's provided a great post on mounting a map to foam core so that you can cover it with sweet little tags and tacks and flags. What a great idea for science fiction/fantasy writers who "map" out their universes! Don't feel constrained to keep this limited to preexisting maps. Draw or sketch your own, or use a giant map of the U.S. to plot your heroines' travels!

So sleek and shiny. I am sooooo buying foam core tonight.


  1. Oooh. How beautiful would this looking hanging in your writing space?

  2. I know, right?

    Unfortunately, I ran to B&N over lunch and can't find an appropriately sized map of Chicago. They're all either gargantuan (including way too much of the city's outskirts and not enough detail on downtown) or miniscule (only mapping the Loop and Wrigleyville). So no map project tonight. The search continues!

  3. Wondering if you can collage a collection of smaller historic neighborhood maps..?

    How about maps taken from local magazines, or pages pulled of Google maps..?

    Sounds like good fun.