Thursday, June 18, 2009


Brooke Reynolds recently participated in a series of guest blogs at Black Eiffel, one of my favorite design sites. As she guest blogged, she posted images of some of her (seemingly random) collections. I love the way she's photographed them, and I love the idea of idea of these small collections of random bits of stuff. Scout, one of my heroines in the forthcoming Dark Elite series, is a collector, so these are are just the kinds of collections she'd love.

Your turn! Writers--What do you collect? Do you have a hero or heroine who collects? Could any of these objects, found on a street corner, inspire a hero or heroine to act?


  1. Tokidoki > Japanese anime stuff.

    Tiny bottles of pure essential oils.

    Balls: Sea glass, super bounce, big or small.


  2. Coins


    Swag from authors that I got to meet!

    Bouncy balls, seashells, buttons--all old collections that I sometimes add to.